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We are linguists. We work in English, Punjabi and Urdu languages. We translate words into your desired language, the way you like.

Team Haider Linguistics delivers quality language services that convey client’s content in the language that serves target audience in the best possible way in a timely manner. Our final product goes through various quality control measures to attain high degree of accuracy and coherence. We deliver our output to the client only after it has been thoroughly checked for any errors and if it merits the client’s desired standards. However, in case of any discrepancies, we take responsibility and ensure client satisfaction. We firmly believe, “The client is always right” We provide services in text and audio formats. Our recording studio produces state-of-the-art audio content. We have a diverse group of voice artists, well-equipped to ensure quality voice content. Clients can check the voice samples of these artists in our audio library. We use our skills in the following softwares to achieve the desired output:-

Mode & Type of Source Content

We undertake translation in selected language pairs in text - typed and longhand - audio and video formats. We produce output in text and audio formats. The content we undertake includes the following categories.

Medical Documents

including prescriptions, test reports, informative leaflets, preventive measures, case histories etc.

Legal and Administrative Documents

including court and police documents such as statements, reports, FIRs, testimonials, verdicts, testaments, appeals, marriage and divorce certificates, and show-cause notices etc.

General Documents

including books, magazines articles, newspaper clippings, applications and letters etc.

Technical Documents

including user and maintenance manuals, training courses, operating procedures etc.

Business Documents

including promotions and advertisements etc.

Administrative Documents

such as disciplinary codes, contracts, warnings, termination and censure letters, safety procedures, emergency drills, evacuation plans, etc.

Quality control and assurance procedures, policies and standards

We have been working on localizing the user Interface of various Microsoft products such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, OneDrive, Skype, Office 365, Office 2013, Xbox, and Xbox 360 and many others for the last five years.

PTV Interview

Right up 'til the present time, we have seen, heard, and read unfamiliar cultures in Urdu in different forms, however, not many individuals know that behind this exertion is a finished arrangement of translation. In spite of the fact that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, it is vanishing from the brains of the individuals. In such a circumstance,

  • not many individuals know that behind this exertion is a finished arrangement of translation. In spite of the fact that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan, it is vanishing from the brains of the individuals. In such a circumstance, an endeavor was made by Mr. Shahbaz Haider Shafiq to safeguard this beautiful language. The Department of Urdu translation was introduced at a time when numerous individuals were not even mindful of it. In this regard, the renowned Pakistani channel PTV interviewed him in which such viewpoints are featured that how the language is changing and how do these negative changes influence a culture.

  • This video tells more about, What is "HAIDER LINGUISTICS"?

    Shahbaz Haider

    Ceo & Founder

  • He, primarily an Electrical Engineer, is working in this interesting, challenging, rewarding, and intellect-oriented field for the last 9 years. From the very onset, he established awesome goals and standards which were not only achieved with flying colors but also enviable and unprecedented records were attained in a very short time span.Having met almost impossible targets in respect of tasks of esteemed clients all over the world particularly for those from Europe and the USA and winning their highly commendable appreciations he has been graded as one of the best and topmost translators in the relevant language pairs. The list of his reputed and extra-ordinary professional Clients includes Microsoft. Having achieved cumbersome milestones as a freelancer now he has ventured to set up a translation agency so as to effectively and efficiently meet ever-increasing demands of the valued clients and also to provide a respectable platform to intelligent, capable, and hardworking linguists to function systematically in a highly professional and respectable environment. He stands fully satisfied with his team of exemplary translators and rightly anticipates that they would not leave any stone unturned in their steadfast endeavor to attain impossible-looking milestones and exert joint efforts to take the Company to new horizons by achieving time-constrained and multi-facet Targets and objectives.

  • Team

    Meet dedicated and committed team of HL

    Mian Muahmmad Shafiq

  • As Chairman he is indeed privileged and honored to lead a team of such dedicated, devoted, enthusiastic, and result-oriented linguists who deliver quality matter against rather tight schedules and yet have the zeal, will, and vigor to undertake even more challenging tasks. Very high standards have already been achieved by employees as a determined and confident team but there are lot many uncharted seas that are yet to be explored and fathomed. He assures the enviable group of linguists to provide all moral and material support that they may need in accomplishing difficult, tiresome, and uphill goals. He further commits that they will always find him there beside them to extend requisite help, spearhead them, and provide guidance whenever they come across a hindrance or face problems in the execution of their duties and responsibilities.
  • Usman Khalid

  • Usman Khalid is an HR Enthusiast, with core expertise in stakeholder management, reward management, team building, value addition and effective hiring techniques. He is equipped with educational background and professional experience of 5+ years in this avenue.
  • Zia Ullah Alvi

  • A Professional Engineer specializing in electrical, electronics, mechanical, and structural fields. Having vast knowledge of technical fields he also enjoys thorough command over the relevant language pairs. Throughout his career as a Naval Officer, he had undertaken many assignments involving translation of documents, speeches, and articles. Over the last three years of his working with Haider Linguistics he had undertaken a number of Challenging, awesome and voluminous tasks that required not the only application of intellectual knowledge but also in-depth know-how of marine, legal, medical, technical, and IT fields. Haider Linguistics has provided him an opportunity to enhance the horizons of his knowledge but also an honorable means of supplementing his financial as well as mental caliber. He undoubtedly, feels honored to work for this Agency which has high objectives, awesome goals, extra-ordinary professional clientage and yet treats its each employee with due respect as an integral member of the team and equally important in achieving its objectives and delivering the transformed words to the valued Clients in their desired formats.
  • Muhammad Nazeef Malik

  • He is a business graduate who has a rich taste of languages and excels in their relevant fields of arts, history, politics, poetry, business, marketing, and legal and last but not least the most vital field of science and technology. He joined Haider Linguistics in 2016 with a passion to optimally utilize his skills and expertise to interact with words and their diversified usage in the associated language pairs. By starting as a quick learner, He, over a short span of time, through his sheer dedication and devotion, acclaimed his worth by contributing positively to the endeavor of Haider Linguistics in attaining the status of a prosperous, dynamic, competitive, and efficient Company that distinguishes itself in meeting high standards and hard pressing delivery schedules of the notable clients around the world.

    Currently, he is serving as Manager Linguist heading a team of young enthusiast linguists and guides them to channelize their effort and energy to assist Haider Linguistics in achieving yet higher goals and outshine in the highly professional domain of translation. Haider Linguistics has extended him all the possible opportunities to work independently and produce results compatible with high international standards in the field of playing with the words in a highly professional manner.
  • Mujtaba Hassan

  • He was attached to learning Punjabi and indicated his enthusiasm to work with Haider Linguistics for investigating open doors as a learner and later demonstrated his value and championed himself to be a senior colleague of acclaimed translators. It has been quite a while since he is working with us and his dedication is laudable.
  • Sarwat Abdul Jabbar

  • Sarwat Abdul Jabbar with the luxury of growing up with two native languages, Urdu and Arabic, a mother of four. As an enthusiastic linguist, she blogs, of which translation is a major part and has been a spoken English teacher in Dhahran. She pens down social behavior related research topics and short stories.
  • Shahmila Nazeer

  • They call me Shamila. I did my Masters in International Relations from NUML. My clear fascination for history, culture, and writing drove me to the field of linguistics. Working with Haider Linguistics ends up being an extraordinary and special experience that honed my pleasures and abilities. Translating languages is a special work of its sort and being a part of this job, I know how to play with words and make them appear to be unique.
  • Bilal Hussain

  • A man of broad knowledge who worked in various fields, his journey began from Marketing to HVAC and from Teaching to Banking, Now at long last, He is a Linguistic on account of his obvious fascination for writing, history, politics, sports, and fiction. He anticipates learning more things here as he generally feels incredible learning new things and exploring different fields. He is truly a knowledge seeker.
  • Jawad Hassan Kazim

  • He is an English Linguist working with Haider Linguistics since 2017. Besides, he is an entertainer, a content author, and an online media blogger. He holds a Master's qualification in International Relations and has effectively finished a few entry-level positions in significant spaces. All his beneficial encounters and his confident and balanced methodology adds a remarkable flavor to his compositions and translations. Furthermore, he is always very passionate about finding new avenues that lead to the plunges of new linguistic genres. This desire for learning languages would take him far forward.
  • Aiman Riaz

  • She is a passionate writer, poet and graduate of mass communication. In a very young age, she has acheived many feats related to the field of writing such as winning Multiple All Pakistan Essay writing competitions arranged by Pakistan Embassy, ICRC and University of Punjab. With all these feathers in her cap, she is a responsible person and she aims to do great things in this field in future.
  • Syed Bilal Ahmad Shah

  • Poet, English Language instructor, traveler, teacher and now a Linguist. Have done M.Phil and MSc in Social Sciences from Quaid-i-Azam University and have read more than 2000 books in Both English and Urdu languages upon various topics. An admirer of culture, languages, language formation, world history, regional history, Islamic history, strategic culture, politics and gender studies. Enriched with positive attitude and energy and is a perfect match for this sort of platform to further enhance the skills being invigorated by the environment provided by Haider Linguistics.
  • Andaleeb Qazi

  • I am a working mother who has done Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication, and Economics from the University of Peshawar. I have had various experiences before joining Haider Linguistics but being here feels like a place to grow and to learn, about which I have always been keen and enthusiastic. I have learnt a lot and looking forward to learn and polish my abilities more.
  • Hafsa Tayyaba

  • I did my masters in Urdu from University of Punjab. Before joining Haider linguistics my only job experience was teaching at school and college. I have never worked before that in a formal office routine. This opportunity is provided by Haider Linguistics. They provided me a specific on job training as well. This office work is like a scholarly work. You feel like a scholar having good learning opportunities. This place is rather jugglery of Words. Where through wordscraft you have to provide a meaningful and easy to understand word substitute making this work interesting. I am really enjoying my work here as I want to learn more and passionate to perform better and at par with my colleagues
  • Aatika Ismail

  • Aatika Ismail is a HR Management and Business Research Professional who enjoys taking on challenging work assignments. She is a keen learner.
  • Syeda Shallala Zam Zam

  • Being a native Urdu speaker and having had a brought up in a multilingual environment, where language of academia is usually English, I always had an urge to learn and master the art of what we call not a language conversion only, but an essence transformation as well, and this passion introduced me to the field of translation studies. I'm Shallala Zam Zam, a certified, professional Translator, serving my national language since 2018.
  • Himal Arshad

  • Software engineer and Project Management Professional with great interpersonal skills. She believes a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.
  • Husham ul Haq

  • I m Husham ul haq. Completed my masters in English literature and linguistics from NUML 2020. Fond of languages and performing art. used to read urdu novels and have a desire to learn urdu vocabulary since school time. preformed on theater in NUML, QAU, and GIKI.
  • Maryam Batool

  • I am Maryam Batool and I did my masters in Statistics from Islamia University Bahawal Pur. I am really enjoying my work here as I want to learn more and passionate to perform better and at par with my colleagues.
  • Hafiz Muneeb Akram

  • Hi, this is Muneeb. I hold a Graduation degree in Horticulture, but I have been passionate about languages and have worked in the linguistics field as a freelancer. To further enhance my skills and to bring my talent to professional level, I joined Haider Linguistics as an Internee Linguist in Sep, 2021 and got my job letter for the post of Trainee linguist in the following month. I feel hopeful and enthusiastic about refining and polishing up my language expertise at Haider Linguistics. My favorite domain is Finance.
  • Maryam Shabbir

  • I am Maryam Shabbir and I have done MA English linguistics and literature from NUML. I have 2 years of teaching experience in the subjects like English, science, social studies. This is my first experience of working in office. Haider linguistics is the best place to work in calm environment.
  • Abdur Rahman

  • Abdur Rehman Shah MA English Literature. My keen desire is to translate innovative knowledge into my mother language Punjabi. I am a writer Urdu Punjabi. I worked Lecturer in English with different Educational Institutes. When I came to know that Haider Linguistics is the company that brings my dreams into reality. I joined it and now working as Punjabi Trainee Linguist.
  • Majeed Malik

  • He is persevering, dependable, capable, and dynamic. Play out his obligations quite well. Other than playing out an assortment of assignments at the workplace, he is additionally proceeding with his education.
  • Our Clients

    Life At HL

    6th Anniversary

    On 1st January, 2022, Haider Linguistics celebrated their 6th Anniversary. We greatly appreciate and value hard work of our employees.

    Activity Day

    On 13th November, Saturday, Haider Linguistics arranged an Activity Day for the employees at F-9 Park, followed by a lunch at Rewayat. Team members played cricket and badminton. Activities help employee to come out of their comfort zone and give employees a break from their office routine.


    What better way to spruce up than a great outing, which is why it's basic for the HL group to go out traveling to a delightful spot once per year. This excursion soothes exhaustion just as expands the horizons of reasoning which is exceptionally compelling for imaginative work like our own..

    Activity Day & Best Performer

    In our field, where work requires steady concentration and fixation, it is regular for the brain system to get worn out. To mitigate this fatigue, our representatives sporadically organize some reviving and donning exercises in the workplace on an individual premise. Indeed, to make the event all the more pleasing and noteworthy, as usual, the best partaking workers are compensated with gifts and money prizes.

    Hoodie Day

    Team HL had a Hoodie Day. Team wore warm and comfy hoodies which were branded with our company's logo. The hoodies gave everyone a uniform look fostering team spirit and energy.

    Translation contest

    Team HL arranged an in-house translation contest. CEO Haider Linguistics, Mr. Shahbaz Haider, giving Ms. hafsa Tayyaba the certificate of acknowledgement for THE BEST TRANSLATION.

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    Branch Office:- Business Incubation Center, Bahria University, E-8, Islamabad, Pakistan


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